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I am helping deliver a couple of projects in Excel 2010 and SSAS 2008R2 at the moment. Generally really pleases with the small changed in Excel 2010 like support for dimension members, sets, slicers.

one minor step backwards is the PivotTable field list now closes a display folder after every single click. “Really” annoying if you have a report which has more than one measure or attribute on it.

I added a connect item for this so please do vote if you noticed this as well.


PowerPivot SQL Masterclass Over

by Bob Duffy 23. January 2011 11:41

We had 100 people register and about 75 attending for the PowerPivot SQL MasterClass along with Chris Webb and Myself speaking.  Haven’t seen all the feedback yet, but we do take every comment seriously, so please do put your thoughts down.

Thanks to everyone who came along. I really enjoy getting to help deliver the SQL Academy and now the SQL Masterclass. We are getting some really smart people in SQL Server in Ireland and its going to be hard to find challenging topics soon Winking smile

While we are not affiliated with the MCM programme, I hope that now that Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp have been over a few times we will have some Irish blood ready to brave the MCM certification soon!!

There are some more MCM videos posted which are a great watch for those wanting a fix on deep SQL content


BTW Shameless plus, but we do actually help people deliver PowerPivot and Traditional BI project as well as talk about how it works …

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