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The first SQL MCM this year!

by Bob Duffy 11. February 2011 02:50

As you may know there have been a lot of changes to the Microsoft Certified Master programme. You can now site the exam and lab without travelling to Redmond. By the looks of it, the exam and lab are still keeping the standards of a very high quality bar.

Yesterday, it was announced that Denny Cherry was the first person to pass both the lab AND the exam to join the SQL MCM community under the new programme. Major kudos to Denny, I’ve only met him very briefly in person at the last MVP summit, but has a huge online presence, and contributes a lot to the worldwide sql community.

Denny’s blog and the official announcement are here



SQL Consolidation by the Seaside

by Bob Duffy 5. February 2011 08:05

I just heard that I’ve been selected to present at SqlBits 8 on one of my favourite topics “SQL Consolidation Planning” http://sqlbits.com

If you are just starting a consolidation project and are not sure where to start then do NOT miss my session. I'll be going through how to structure a consolidation project and how address key milestones such as: sql inventory, capacity planning, consolidation planning and measuring performance before and after consolidation. I guarantee you will get a lot of question answered and have a direction forward.

If your coming from Ireland, drop me, Marco or Niall an email. we are going to stay over on the Sat night for some beers.

My session is going to be on the Friday which is FANTASTIC as it gives me the chance to kick back and go to some of the other sessions. What sessions am I going to go to ?

- Stored Procedure Best Practices with Kevin Kline. I have never been to see Kevin speak, so this is a great opportunity, and maybe I can point some customer to the content!

- What's new in SQL Server Denali with Aaron Betrand. Aaron is a heavy hitter on the MVP forum, and I haven’t played with Denali as much as I should have, so great opportunity to get more up to speed on the back of his hard work Winking smile

- Analysis Services Advanced Best Practises with Marco Russo. I’m always doing analysis services reviews so any tips or tips from the top dudes are always good.

- Back to the SSIS Future with Jamie Thomson. Jamie is Mr SSIS, so why find out all the new stuff myself!

- SQL 11 AlwaysOn HA – lessons learned from SQLCAT Engagements. Always good to go to the SQLCAT sessions and see what the big boys are playing with.

- Database Maintenance Essentials by Brad McGee. Not sure if I’m going to attend this one, I have presented and been to lots of similar talks, but I haven;t been to any of Brad’s sessions before, so could be a good chance.

- Update Queries Deep Dive with Conor Cunningham.  Conor is probably the heaviest hitter at this years conference and the session will be both packed and informative!

- BISM Introduction by Marco Russo. Haven’t see Marco Russo speak before and haven’t played with the new BISM yet. So, two birds in one stone…

- Database Stories why Lubor Kollar. Never miss a chance to listen to Lubor wax lyrical, ever since he showed me the picture of the actual desktop that was the original one used for cost estimates in query plans.

-Relational Modelling for Extreme DW Scale by Thomas Kejser. Topical subject for myself and Thomas is a heavy hitter with SQLCAT so a must go to session.

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