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Voting is up at SqlBits site now. If you are going on here some sessions I hope will be interesting.







So apart from my own sessions, what other sessions are my hot picks.

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/Time_Intelligence_in_DAX – Alberto always delivers an excellent insight into MDX or DAX

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/Understanding_Your_NET_4_0_Data_Access_Options – I’ve fallen behind with Silverlight and newer versions of EF so would love to catch up.

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/Query_Tuning_Mastery_Workspace_Memory_Internals – Adams level 500 sessions. Never been to one but his reputation is excellent as an ex instructor on the old SQL Ranger programme (now MCA).

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/Setting_Up_and_Managing_a_Secure_and_Compliant_SQL_Server – I love Bob and security/compliance is one of my favourite subjects. Would like to see Bob’s take on it – and maybe get some free IP in the process Winking smile

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/Whats_Buried_in_the_Plan_Cache I’m going to ask some awkward questions from the back (only joking). Christina session will be well worth the visit.

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/To_the_Cloud_with_SQL_Server_Data_Tools I Love Gert Drapers dry humour and who better to demo SSDT.

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/How_Are_My_Servers_Today I love using SSRS to report on SQL Server health so keen to see another perspective from GrumpyOldDBA

http://sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event10/The_top_10_biggest_SQL_Server_configuration_mistakes by Christian Bolton (Fellow MCA). I hope that I already know most of these, but really want to see Christian’s perspective and I’m sure some good horror storied there.

Of course anything by the SQLCAT team is always fun too!

Just got my speaker feedback from SqlBits 9 for both my Always On session and my Dot.net session. Thanks to everyone who attended and filled out the feedback. It looks like my Always On Session was one of the top sessions at the event, and the Dot.net one was not far behind.

While the dot.net did not score quite as highly, the feedback was super positive and it looks like there is a real appetite for people who want sessions that focus more on dot.net than pure SQL Server.


Here are some of the feedback comments from the Always On Deep Dive

  • Amazing demo's. Bob is a complete guru. I learned a lot and was amazing at
    what he was able to cover in one hour. The only downside was that because
    there was so much, the pace was very fast.
  • This was a superb session. It answered every question I had about always-on.
    Bob knows his stuff inside out and managed to explain and build a working lab
    demo that clearly illustrated all of the important technologies, features and
    benefits, gotchas and other things to look out for. It was a lot to get through in a
    1 hour session but it was superbly done
  • Awesome demo. Bob actually had two "data centre's"(Laptops) and performed
    a real time planned and unplanned failover. So much could have gone wrong in
    that demo but it all went perfect. Excellent real world demonstration of Denali
    Always On.
  • Really good session. Can't wait to get my hands on Denali! Begone mirroring :)


Here are some of the feedback comments:

  • Excellent session, lots of detail and info on what to look out for in .Net apps to
    gain performance from SQL. Can definitely take this lesson and ensure our
    workplace is applying these rules.
  • As a developer this was the best session from both days for me.
  • This session was pure gold for me. The practical suggestions for checking
    query plan re-use etc were spot on. I've already had a meeting with my
    colleagues to pass on these pearls of wisdom. It's been a timely reminder for us
    to keep performance very much in mind, as we are just about to start a major
    new SQL Server project. Very useful.
  • Bob is a real SME... I don't like .Net, but Bob's style of presenting even inspired
    a sense of confidence in me!
  • More like this please

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