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Thanks to everyone who attended the SQL Users group on 28th June 2010. It was a great session with Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp waxing lyrical on some design problems that they commonly see in the field such as Nested Transactions, Poor Primary Keys and abuse of various features (ahh Triggers…)

The deck was especially good if you are about to embark on a new project or re-visiting an old one. You can use it to hit someone over the head with an “I told you so”, or at least help ensure you start on the right foot.

I’ve uploaded the session below so you can refer to it.


P.S.  I have permanently moved my blog to http://blogs.prodata.ie/bob Please update any RSS feeds or links. I’m going to be focused on SQL and BI technology as well as SQL community events in Ireland.

0610DublinSQLDesign.pdf (1.66 mb)

Our SQL Immersion: Dublin 2010 is fully underway with Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp (http://www.prodata.ie/events/sqlimmersiondublin2010/). Chatting to the course attendees this is all good stuff, Paul and Kimberly are truly the best of the best Instructors world wide. Now that they have Brent Ozar working with them, the mind boggles at how much SQL expertise is in one company. Now that’s just greedy!!

I’m definitely going to sit on on some of the Performance Tuning Master classes and the DR Master Classes next week.

The bit that I’m really looking forward to is we have booked the “chefs” table at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in Powerscourt with Paul, Kimberly myself. Carmel and Sandra on Friday. Carmel has been touring Ireland delivering technical presentations for Microsoft on SQL 2008, SQL 2008R2 and the BI Stack, so were going to have to work heard to avoid discussing the benefits of optimise_for_adhoc in sql2008 or something like that ;-)


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