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Inspired by the DBA tools (https://dbatools.io/) library for automating all things SQL Server DBEngine I created some Powershell Library functions to automate SSIS Build and Deployment. We use this on projects to move SSIS closer to the world of DevOps and that magic “10 deploys a day”. These Powershell functions work well when added to a VSTS deployment and release pipeline.



This library function users the command line version of visual studio to build an SSIS project and create the “ispac” file that contains the packages.

Example usage below




This library function uses the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IntegrationServices Namespace to deploy ispac file to a folder in the SSIDB database. This similar functionality to the Integration Services deployment Wizard. Example of it in action is below




Installation and Source Code

You can get the source code and installation instructions to play around with the Powershell from my GitHub project here


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