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Compress an entire database

by Bob Duffy 16. September 2011 04:30

I posted a script earlier to generate the script to compress an entire database. here is one to do the compress/rebuild partition by partition. one thing to bear in mind is that ONLINE rebuild is not supported  when rebuilding partition by partition. See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms188388.aspx 

My simpler script to just do compression at the table level is here


So I think the best advice is “if” you can go offline, then do it a partition at a time. if you cannot, then do the entire table and accept the longer process.

    Script to Produce Compression Statements  
    Notes: Can change MAXDOP and only select one type of index if needed


select 'ALTER ' + case when si.type =1 then 'INDEX [' + si.name + '] ON ' else 'TABLE ' END +  ' [' + s.name + '].[' + o.name 
+ case when ds.type='PS' then convert(varchar,sp.partition_number) else 'ALL' end 
+ case when  ds.type='FG' then ' ,ONLINE = ON' else '' end -- Cannot REBUILD INDEX ONLINE for a partition
+'); ' 
from sys.indexes  si
inner join sys.objects o on o.object_id =si.object_id
inner join sys.schemas s on s.schema_id=o.schema_id 
inner join sys.partitions sp on si.index_id =sp.index_id  and sp.object_id =o.object_id 
inner join sys.data_spaces ds on ds.data_space_id =si.data_space_id 
where si.type>0 and o.type='U'
/* comment these out as appropriate if you only want to do one type of index or one table*/
--and si.type_desc ='CLUSTERED'
--and si.type_desc ='NONCLUSTERED'
--and o.object_id=object_id('DatabaseLog')
order by s.name, o.name, si.type, si.index_id
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