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Adam Machanic posted a great article on making the AdventureWorks OLTP database bigger

What about those of us working on testing larger scale data warehousing or Analysis Services project. The current AdventureWorksDW size is just not sufficient for most interesting events like load testing.The main problem is that the main fact tables just don’t have enough volume when looking at performance or scalability.

In this post I’ll show you how to blow up adventure works to 120 million rows for Internet Sales, that’s about 17GB, and the products dimension from 600 rows to 1.2 million rows (10GB). This can be used to create about an 8GB cube. Ok, not “massive”, many of our customers have 100GB+ cubes and SQLCAT play around with 5+TB cubes, but large enough to use for testing and demos.



The next post will show how to then modify the AdventureWork Analysis Services Project to account for these larger tables.

Attached is a simple stored proc called “[dbo].[usp_make_big] “that you can add into AdventureWorksDW to scale create larger tables.


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